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Proven Portability of the EasyOne with Real-Time Curves

ndd's EasyOne-Line uses the power and portability of the Worldspirometer in combination with the screen connector to provide real-time incentive spirometry. The EasyOne-Line operates as a fully independent spirometer without the direct to printer feature. The screen connector with the Worldspirometer in connection to a PC works to deliver the following features:

  • Real-time PC curves/Incentive screens for patient motivation
  • Trending
  • Automatic quality control with manual override
  • Review features (real-time and off-line)
  • Patient data-entry via PC
  • Vast memory (~700 tests)

Office spirometry

  • Use with or without PC
  • Incentive screens


  • Wall projection demo work, coaching of students, review of work, etc.
  • Online and offline tests

Study/clinical trials

  • From teaching to using to reviewing, all in one instrument

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EasyOne Systems
Part Number Description
2001-4LINE EasyOne LINE Spirometer System Includes: Diagnostic spirometer, Screen Connector, EasyWare software
EasyOne Disposables
Part Number Description
2050-1 spirettes, case of 50
spirettes, case of 75, not individually wrapped
2050-5 spirettes, case of 200
2050-500 spirettes, case of 500, not individually wrapped
spirettes, case of 500