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EasyOne Pro® LAB

EasyOne Pro LAB

DLCO and MBW Ready to Go


The EasyOne Pro LAB delivers spirometry, single-breath CO diffusion and additionally multiple-breath nitrogen washout to obtain complete lung volumes, DLCO, FRC and parameters for ventilation inhomogeneity.

  • Robust, automatic calibration
  • Color touch-screen interface
  • Complies with all standard of ATS and ERS
  • Highly portable
  • Small footprint


EasyOne Pro LAB Brochure

For more details on this product, view our brochure and datasheet.

EasyOne Pro LAB Brochure

EasyOne Pro LAB Systems
Part Number Description
3100-1 EasyOne Pro LAB with flow sensor, gas supply tube, one-way valve, DLCO valve, pressure tube, temperature/humidity sensor and touch stylus
EasyOne Pro LAB Replacement Parts
Part Number Description
3000-50.50sp Required Annual Replacement Parts Kit Includes: Filter pack, gas supply tube, one-way valve and overflow valve
EasyOne Pro LAB Disposables
Part Number Description
2050-1 spirettes, case of 50
spirettes, case of 75, not individually wrapped
2050-5 spirettes, case of 200
spirettes, case of 500, not individually wrapped
spirettes, case of 500
3050-1 barriettes, case of 50
3050-2 barriettes, case of 100
FRC barriettes, case of 40
FRC barriettes, case of 80