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EasyOne Products

EasyOne Worldspirometer

This widely used portable spirometer is easy-to-use, fast, reliable and accurate allowing for testing anytime, anywhere.
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EasyOne Pro® LAB

Receive all the benefits of the EasyOne Pro portable pulmonary testing machine plus multiple-breath nitrogen washout for lung volumes, FRC and LCI testing.
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EasyOne Pro®

EasyOne Pro performs DLCO, spirometry and lung volumes in 20 minutes all on site. Portable PFTs have never been easier.
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The EasyOne-Line portable spirometer with direct connectivity to the PC. Spirometry has never been easier and more accurate.
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Easy on-PC

This easy-to-operate PC spirometer uses the power of your PC leveraging ndd's ultrasound technology for a complete spirometry solution.
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Single patient-use spirette and barriette for your EasyOne products. No calibration or cleaning required.
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