Body Plethysmography is Not Helpful for COPD Diagnosis, Determination of Severity, Phenotyping, nor Response to Therapy Enright COPD 2015

A DLCO test is more helpful than a body box test for patients with COPD. In adult patients with postbronchodilator airway obstruction and a history of cigarette smoking, a low DLCO makes the emphysema phenotype of COPD highly likely ( 4 ). T e emphysema phenotype can also be detected using a high-resolution lung CT scan (HRCT) ( 18 ), but a DLCO test is much less expensive and avoids the risks of radiation. Pulmonary subspecialists who see the majority of patients with severe COPD should therefore consider DLCO testing of such patients in their outpatient offi ce, now that small instruments are available

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