Patents held by ndd Medizintechnik AG

This page provides a list of patents, patent applications, utility models, registered designs, design patents and licensed patents (collectively referred to as patent rights in the following) which ndd holds or has been granted a license for.

The ndd products listed below are protected by one or more patent rights. These patent rights protect the products themselves, their components or subsystems, the methods and processes carried out using them, and/or their general use.

The contents of this page are made available to fulfill the requirements for the virtual identification of patent rights within the various jurisdictions worldwide, particularly those regarding the virtual identification of patents according to 35 U.S.C. § 287(a), as well as to provide information for our customers and for interested parties.

The list below may not be exhaustive. Other ndd products not listed here may be protected by one or more additional patent rights. If a patent right is not listed here, ndd still remains entitled to claim any possible legal rights associated with the patent right concerned.



EP 1 764 035, EP 1 764 036,
EP 2 322 917, US 8,352,206,
JP 111,517/2007

EasyOne Pro Lab


EP 1 764 035, EP 1 764 036,
EP 2 322 917, US 8,352,206,
JP 111,517/2007, DE 10 2014 004 765

Pending patent applications

EP 14 198 579, CN 104 970 795

EasyOne FlowTube


DE 10 2014 016 608

Pending patent applications

EP 14 198 887, US 14/809,029,
CN 105581796, JP 2015-040069,
US 2018/0333076, US 2018/0333077, 
US 2018/0333074


EP 2 605 188,
US 29/531,164 to US 29/531,168,
CN ZL 201530189783.8,
JP 2015-012416 to JP 2015-012420