COVID-19 Infection Control Resources

Advanced Infection Protection for Patients & Medical Staff

New ndd single-patient use inline filter solutions provide additional COVID-19 protection for those who may wish to include a filter when performing spirometry and ‘diffusing capacity of the lungs for carbon monoxide’ (DLCO) tests with ndd lung function testing products.

ndd’s advanced lung function testing products were originally designed for effortless infection control.  ndd products are small with easy-to-wipe surfaces.  There are no fragile sensor parts to be cleaned, due to ndd’s advanced TrueFlow ultrasound technology.  And testing elements in touch with patient breath are single-use and exchangeable. 

Now, ndd’s new inline filter solutions add an extra level of safety.  These solutions ensure dependable “double protection” from infection: the filter keeps the ambient environment clean for technicians and other patients, and ndd’s unique spirette and flow tube design protects the flow sensor from cross-contamination. 

  • U.S. customers: To order, please contact your local ndd Sales representative or use one of the following forms below:
    • Adapter request form for customers performing spirometry
    • Testing kit form for EasyOne Pro/Pro LAB performing DLCO and MBW tests
  • International customers: To learn more about inline filter solutions, please contact your local ndd Sales representative.
Inline filter solutions for EasyOne product line

ndd Inline Filter Solution Designs Allow for Lung Function Testing Accuracy and Infection Control

ndd’s new inline filter solutions were designed (carefully and rigorously) to ensure test accuracy while still offering advanced protection from infection. 

General guidelines state that if an “in-front” filter is used during lung tests, product tubing behind the filter still needs to be cleaned daily.  This is not necessary with ndd lung function testing products, as all ndd test elements that come into contact with patient breath are exchanged – ndd spirettes, adapters, and filters are all ‘single-patient use.’ 

Additionally, some filters show lower filtration efficiency at high flow rates (a common issue in spirometry tests).  Lower efficiency leads to higher contamination for all tubing that sits behind or ‘downstream’ of the filter.  This is not an issue with ndd lung function testing products, as the easy exchange of tubing avoids any risk of cross-contamination.

24 waveform test results for EasyOne Air with filter
24 waveform test results for EasyOne Air with filter (Intersurgical Pulmo-ProtectTM)  and without a filter. All ndd products in combination with the ndd filter solution passed 24 waveform testing according to ATS/ERS and were comparable to 24 waveform tests without a filter.

ndd Lung Function Testing Products

Don’t let concerns about COVID-19 infection exposure limit the critical health care your team provides!  Take advantage of ndd’s advanced lung function testing products today to get both the accurate lung test results and enhanced infection control that your health care team needs to support your patients.  By deploying ndd lung function testing products at your “point of care” location, you not only provide greater test access for a broader number of patients, but you also help reduce the risk of cross-infection that may result from patients visiting centralized lung function testing labs.

Portable & PC spirometer

PC spirometer

Portable DLCO, Lung Volumes and Spirometry

Portable DLCO, MBW, Lung Volumes, LCI and Spirometry

Additional COVID-19 Infection Control Recommendations

During these challenging times, we understand that cleaning and disinfecting your pulmonary function testing devices are a top priority.  Specific device cleaning protocols can be found in each of our product manuals here

We also recommend that all health care providers continue to utilize standard infection control best practices.  Please refer to local standards and protocols required by your specific state, country, or region.  In addition to wearing personal protection equipment, including N95 masks, face shields, gloves, and protective garments; we encourage you to continue following increased cleaning and decontamination protocols, ensuring longer wait times between patients, installing high-efficiency point of care air movers with HEPA filtration, and leveraging UV sterilization where possible. 

Further infection control guidelines can be found here:

Thank You from Our Clinical Team 

THANK YOU to all the healthcare workers, first responders, volunteers, and those on the front lines risking their lives to help care for our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic. We sincerely appreciate your dedication and hard work!