Meet the Team

CEO Georg Harnoncourt

Georg Harnoncourt

CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Christian Buess Ph.D

Christian Buess Ph.D
CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

CINO (Chief Innovation Officer) Erich Kleinhappl

Erich Kleinhappl
CINO (Chief Innovation Officer)

COO (Chief Operating Officer) Helge Meichssner

Helge Meichssner
COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Service & Support
Service & Support Danilo Dell'Acqua

Danilo Dell'Acqua
Service & Support Coordinator

IT Manager Tobias Kaucic

Tobias Kaucic
IT Manager

Service & Support Marco Heckmann

Marco Heckmann
Service & Support

Service & Support Lothar Deuschle

Lothar Deuschle
Service & Support

Service & Support Stefano Cherrez

Stefano Cherrez
Service & Support

Service & Support Jan Müller

Jan Müller
Service & Support

Sales & Product Management
Vice President Sales & Marketing Achim Höin

Achim Höin
Vice President Sales & Marketing

Senior Director International Sales Francois Ruchet

Francois Ruchet
Senior Director International Sales

Area Sales Manager Latin America Tatiana Blanco

Tatiana Blanco
Area Sales Manager Latin America

Area Sales Manager Asia Pacific Lars Küttel

Lars Küttel
Area Sales Manager Asia Pacific

Area Sales Manager EMEA David Fernandez

David Fernandez
Area Sales Manager EMEA

Director Global Product Management Philippe Schlink

Philippe Schlink
Director Global Product Management

Product Manager Yingzhi Ma

Yingzhi Ma
Product Manager

Camille Eichmann
Product Manager

Marketing Rita Stoffel

Rita Stoffel

Production Manager Marcel Scherrer

Marcel Scherrer
Production Manager

Order Processing Rea Klopfer

Rea Klopfer
Order Processing

Order Processing Kimberly Vollmer

Kimberly Vollmer
Order Processing

Associate Finance & Administration Stefan Herrli

Stefan Herrli
Associate Finance & Administration

Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Director Quality and Regulatory Affairs Andreas Senn

Andreas Senn
Director Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Quality and Regulatory Affairs Nuria Rothfuchs

Nuria Rothfuchs
Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Research & Development
Vice President R & D Martin Sengel

Martin Sengel
Vice President R & D

Director IT & Electronics Thomas Mathis

Thomas Mathis
Director Electronics

Mechanical Construction Felicia Harnoncourt

Felicia Harnoncourt
Mechanical Construction

Software Engineer & Project Manager Martin Zinniker

Martin Zinniker
Software Engineer & Project Manager

Software Engineer & Project Manager Lorenz Sourlier

Lorenz Sourlier
Software Engineer & Project Manager

Senior Software Engineer & Spirometry Expert André Wetzel

André Wetzel
Senior Software Engineer & Spirometry Expert

Software Engineer Yann Baud

Yann Baud
Software Engineer

Senior Development Engineer Felix Daners

Felix Daners
Senior Development Engineer

System Engineer & Project Manager Fabian Fröhlicher

Fabian Fröhlicher
System Engineer & Project Manager

Software Engineer Joel Blumer

Joel Blumer
Software Engineer