Early Diagnosis for Better Lung Health

For more than 20 years, ndd Medical Technologies has worked to improve early detection and accurate diagnosis for people living with COPD and other chronic lung diseases.

To address the issues of growing numbers of COPD patients and a large undiagnosed population, ndd's line of EasyOne products is moving lung function testing closer to the point of care. This facilitates routine lung health assessment which is easy to do and available to everyone.

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Upcoming events
European Respiratory Society (ERS)
Sep 15 2018 - Sep 19 2018 in Paris, France
Exhibitor: ndd
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Deutscher Betriebsärzte Kongress
Oct 18 2018 - Oct 20 2018 in Lübeck, Germany
Exhibitor: ndd
North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference (NACFC)
Oct 18 2018 - Oct 20 2018 in Denver, CO - USA
Exhibitor: ndd
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